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Tips and Info for the Customer

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Party Bus & Limousine Rental: Tips and Info for The Customer

What is a party bus? Simply stated it is a vehicle used for recreation and entertainment purposes. Most party buses are modified to seat many passengers and provide luxury transportation to and from your destination. Lights, music, and even bars are included to ensure the guests are as happy as possible. A party bus also allows for friends and family to dance around and mingle together.  This is an ideal situation for a new type of socialization and adventure.

What is a limousine rental? A limousine rental is perfect for the more formal situations. Smaller parties can enjoy the more intimate spacing and have great socialization before a formal night out, concert, prom, or another event. Limousines tend to hold fewer passengers, but the effect of pulling up in a limousine knocks all the jaws to the floor when you and your guests step out of the vehicle.

Renting a vehicle for an evening is a great experience. Any rental vehicle gives the passengers the ease of mind while having a good time, knowing the professional chauffeur will get them to and from the destinations safely.  At Custom Limousines Inc., our number one priority is providing our guests with a safe and exciting environment.

If you or your friends have a special occasion coming soon, or just want to do something different; then we highly encourage you to give us a call for a quote on your next BIG adventure.